Entities, both light and dark, are part of our experience with life. When we learn how to dissolve the dark entities, our life becomes a fascinating adventure filled with rapid manifestations and so much more.
While it’s impossible to free ourselves completely from all the dark entities that encompass this 3D realm, it is possible to starve and remove them on a regular basis.
In this workshop, I will share with you what techniques and lifestyle changes I’ve implemented to not only change my experience with life for the better, but raised my frequency tenfold — which has given me a deeper understanding of my life path and why I’m truly here.
How do you know if you have dark entities attached to you?
 You’re creative
 You suffer from negative thinking
 You procrastinate
 You get caught up in polarizing conversations
 You let people “vent” to you
 You drink alcohol or use drugs
 You have bad habits (bite nails, overeat, lazy, etc)
 You obsess and over analyze things
 You don’t know your purpose
 Fear prevents you from moving forward
 You compare yourself to others
 You lack confidence
 You suffer from a chronic health condition
 You’re in a toxic relationship (or recently we’re)
 You’re sad often
 You watch scary tv programs or movies
 You're stressed out
 You watch/read the news
 You listen to mainstream music
 You worry a lot
These are just a few of the symptoms that resemble the dark entities and their attachment to you.
I will be speaking from my research and own personal experience as to what I know about dark entities and how to remove them from your consciousness.
Please note that dark entities are everywhere and maintenance to keep your consciousness away from them can be difficult. However, I will be sharing a maintenance technique that can be used weekly to rid new ones from attaching to you.
This is a spiritual workshop and for those who are open-minded. To enroll in this class you must be a Club Member.
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Angel Quintana is the Founder of Holistic Fashionista, a community-based platform and magazine supporting those in their ascension from 3D to 5D. She teaches monthly 5th Dimensional Workshops on topics ranging from divine partnerships, astrology and life purpose to holistic healing, sex, and so much more!

Angel is a Life Path Astrologer®, Tarot Reader, writer, podcaster, and master manifestor. With extensive metaphysical self-study, 30+ years practicing astrology, and having mentored thousands of holistic leaders around the globe in discovering their life path, Angel certifies change agents in her Life Path Astrology Reader methodology so they may create a soul-based business helping others discover their life path and pay it forward.

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