If you want to be a true Magician when it comes to money, the easiest way is to know your frequency. We are all energy and all energy has vibration. This vibration either attracts of repels money from you, but did you know your energy also has a sound?

In this 2-Part 5D Workshop, you will understand the mechanics of your own vibration and learn simple, yet life-changing tools to raising your frequency. When you do this effectively, new opportunities arise and your influence increases.
What Money Magick can do for you:
Raise your vibration to attract bigger and more aligned opportunities
Attract people and situations that reflect your highest good
Put you in contact with people who want to work with you and/or purchase your products
Resolve any limiting beliefs around money
Feel more gratitude
Activate a stronger desire to give back
Increase your ability to receive Divine Downloads
Solve problems and make quicker decisions
Trust yourself and your intuition more
Create solutions for your kismet clients
Position you as a go-to solution for a problem you know how to solve
Elevate your confidence
Open your eyes to new investing opportunities
Help you get out of debt
Reduce frivolous spending
And so much more!
These are just a few ways that Money Magick is going to change your life!
I will be speaking from my research and own personal experience as to what I know about money, finances, and getting out of debt. I will also be sharing my expertise around Magick and how the Collective Unconscious is your greatest resource and ally!
Please note that Money Magick is within us all; we only need to activate it in order to receive is abundance. 
This is a spiritual workshop and for those who are open-minded. To enroll in this class you must be a Club Member.
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Angel Quintana is the Founder of Holistic Fashionista, a community-based platform and magazine supporting those in their ascension from 3D to 5D. She teaches monthly 5th Dimensional Workshops on topics ranging from divine partnerships, astrology and life purpose to holistic healing, sex, and so much more!

Angel is a Life Path Astrologer®, Tarot Reader, writer, podcaster, and master manifestor. With extensive metaphysical self-study, 30+ years practicing astrology, and having mentored thousands of holistic leaders around the globe in discovering their life path, Angel certifies change agents in her Life Path Astrology Reader methodology so they may create a soul-based business helping others discover their life path and pay it forward.

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